Top 10 Software Companies Worth Working for

The tech savvy and lavish offices are not the only feature the contemporary software industry aspirants are looking these days. The flexibility of work with the appreciation of innovative ideas is an important factor to decide whether an organization is worth joining or not. Somewhere the lucrative benefits and perks will always be there as a considering parameter to bring happiness in the long hours.

10 Best Companies to Work With


With the implementation of software in every sector, the industry is rising like anything and obviously a career in this field is very promising. Below is the list of 10 best software companies to start or continue your career.

  1. Airbnb

AirBnb is very well known due to its policies towards the employees. The paternity or maternity leaves are far above the standards of any competitor in the market. There are innumerable workplace amenities and perks like travel vouchers are added in the deal.

  1. Hubspot

 Hubspot is considered to be the best place for women employees to work due to the fascinating policies and perks. The reimbursement policies including the opportunities to accept challenges outside the responsibility perimeter are few of the eminent features of this auspicious company.

  1. Adobe

Other than company benefits and exclusive work culture, Adobe is well known for the huge support to the employees in exchange of their hard work. The value imparted to each and every employee in this organization beats most of the big names in the picture.

  1. Apple

As per security and stability, Apple is a great name to suggest. The business is not going down anytime soon for sure. The sale has immensely increased due to the excellent managing skills of every single department. All type of benefits and employee welfare programs are out of the world.

  1. Twitter

One of the biggest social networking platforms is also well known for its company policies. The number of users is increasing day by day. The well known figures are using this platform as a great way to connect with the fans. As per business, this company is stable name to go with.

  1. LinkedIn

The first career oriented platform like a social medium is counted as a name in the dream list of the aspirants. This brand name knows how to keep the hard workers happy all the time with the brilliantly designed policies and perk system.

  1. International Business Machine (IBM)

The company has its presence in almost every leading economy in the world. The multinational giant is a great platform to work with. The turnover and the huge volume of satisfied employees say it all.

  1. Microsoft

One of the most popular names in the software world, Microsoft is a dream company to work with. The generous policies and top notch employee benefits outnumber any name in the field.

  1. Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has changed the course of history by introducing Facebook, the most popular social networking site. The work culture is absolutely out of the world providing full advantage to its employees. From video gaming rooms to parental leave, everything is different and better.

  1. Google

 Typical work place with off the track ideologies projected by nap pods, diner booths, etc attracts a lot of dreamers across the world. The salary is excellently lucrative. More than generous policies regarding parental leaves and robust company culture make it a great choice.

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