Top 10 Verbal Ability Question And Answers

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Verbal ability questions are given in the competitive exams like GMAT, GRE, UPSC exams, bank exams and job placement interviews. The test is taken to determine the proficiency of English of the candidate. The test comprises of synonyms, antonyms, sentence completion, error correction and comprehension.  The verbal ability test involves an individual’s ability to understand English grammar and apply the knowledge accordingly. An individual with higher verbal ability will communicate effectively and can work in any environment that demands quick decision making. The questions of verbal ability are mostly in the form of MCQ and you need to answer judiciously.


Top 10 verbal ability questions along with the answer are as follows

Questions will be based on antonyms, synonyms, idioms and phrases, fill in the blanks, error correction, grammar concepts and comprehension.

You will be given a sheet carrying all the questions with options and an answer sheet to mark your answers.


  1. loathe
  2. despise
  3. adore
  4. abhor
  5. attach
  1. not resonant
  2. not reddish
  3. not eager
  4. pompous
  5. loud

Answer Key

  1. c; 2. a


  1. Luxuriant
  1. Beautiful
  2. Luxurious
  3. Abundant
  4. Lovely
  1. Memorable
  1. Memorial
  2. worth remembering
  3. mending
  4. striking


  1. c; 2. B

Idioms and phrases

  1. Considerate the traffic, it is better to leave for the an hour early-
  1. while considering
  2. consideration of
  3. considering
  4. being considerate to
  5. no correction needed



  1. 2. Each of the loan must be approved by the Branch Manager—

(A) Every loan

(B) Each one of the loan

(C) Any of the loans

(D) All of the loan

(E) No correction required



Fill in the blanks

  1. They have been…………..on incentives to…………..these practices are implemented nat grass root level.

(E) focusing, display



  1. Keeping in mind the………… develop the sector the government has…………..solicited foreign investment.
  • importance,never
    (E) need, actively



Error correction

Directions: Candidates need to find out which part of the sentence has an error. If no mistake is found then the answer will be “No error”.

  1. Some people get (a)/ used to changes (b)/ very easily than (c)/ others do. (d)/ No error (e)


c: Replace ‘very’ by ‘more’

  1. He was urgently in need to get his eye operation.
  2.       a)   of an eye operation
  3.       b)   for operation on eye
  4.       c)   for eye to be operated
  5.       d)   no improvement




For comprehension a passage will be given to the candidate and the candidate after reading the passage have to choose the correct option and mark the same on the answer sheet.

Grammar concepts

In this part questions comes from parts of speech, tenses and narration.

So to come out with flying colors in the competitive examination, you need to practice extensively questions related to verbal ability. More you practice, you develop confidence and you will surely get success. You can take online test before you appear for the main exam and it will enhance your vocabulary too. Wait no more and start preparing for the entrance exam to grab your dream job and have a wonderful career ahead. Patience, concentration and focus are the key to success.

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